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LUKX - Hello

My oh my, what a groove. Lukx's latest single, ‘Hello,’ is fresh, vibrant, and full of colourful musical whimsey. The beat pops from the get-go, flung up into the air by the bass that is round as the earth and sits in the sub. The mids entertain a host of synths, bells, twinkles and twangs. They work together to shroud the vocal, but there’s no hiding that innate talent. The Vox bleeds through, rhythmic and bright, with an attitude ready for the modern day. ‘Hello’ is cool, it's friendly, and it's positive. And seeing that Lukx is a father-son duo, I would expect nothing less than magic. And that’s what we got — magic.

‘Hello’ is tremendous. Truly. Play that next to Styles, next to Swift. You wouldn’t bat an eye. If anything you’d move to Lukx with Dad a little more. So give it a shot, get lost in the buttery melodies, those creamy beats. You’ll love it, and you’ll love it some more. And when the sun comes up. You’ll love it forever.



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