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J'aime Trop

Ramillies, Belgium

Credit - Ramillies

Hip-Hop/Pop/House artist 'Lukx' returns to our spotlight with his emotional release 'J’aime trop'. Before I dive into the ins and outs of its sound, let's turn our attention to the creative forces behind its creation.

'J'aime trop' is the result of a father and son production duo - special right? Working together whilst Lukx's girlfriend was abroad, this song was born out of grief. The grief of missing someone who isn't within close proximity can conjure up a lot of emotion - what better way to deal with and express those feelings than through art?

Bringing a collective of talent to the table, ‘J’aime trip’ credits Lux, Dad, Medok, Pollen and Jerem. Silky smooth reverbed soul-based synths set the scene alongside some super slick jazz brass. As the vocals are introduced listeners are lured into a naturally hypnotic and romantic production. Smooth guitar riffs, essential basslines and a classic hip-hop drum loop contribute to the song in the form of a sweet ganache to a perfectly layered cake.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this warm treat! ‘J’aime trop’ = A sexual, emotional, well-executed expression of love. I could listen to this endlessly – TAMARA JENNA


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