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Los Angeles, United States

Maria Weissman is back with her latest instalment of Fragments - The third and final piece of her EP jigsaw. Before we jump to the final it's important to give you some context first! The video for this release was filmed throughout California and Switzerland, and directed by the artist herself.

The EP can be sectioned off into parts - Part 1 was “Kill a Ghost,” and Part 2 was “Cool Girl.” Together they all piece together to tell a story of dealing with the aftermath of trauma.

Fragments is a beautiful pop piece that presents itself in a way that will grasp any watcher's attention. In “Fragments,” a place of beauty, closure, and humour is reached through the use of high octave acoustic piano, strings and swayworthy vocals. Enhanced by the gorgeous plucks of acoustic guitar and angelic harmonies take the piece from "fragments" and into one finalising piece.

The video is an interesting mirror image of the track offering a glitchy opening that almost acts as a fragment in itself.

The visual hints at both freedom and entrapment giving a juxtaposed creation. This is a song to listen to for sure due to its unique storytelling! - TAMARA JENNA

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