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The Light

Vienna, Austria

Mark Wink returns to TJPL NEWS with his latest release ‘The Light’ and what a ray of light it sure is. Shining down on the complexities of its being, highlighted is the rich combination of Cinematic, EDM and sound samples.

Winks is an artist who stands out for his ability to step into the nature of time perfectly through his artistry both audible and visual. ‘In A Dream’ was the perfect example of futurism whereas ‘The Light’ takes a step through several generations.

A dominant electronic kick sets the scene for an EDM track that will blow your mind as you travel through the desert, through space and beyond.

The video is what I imagine music to become as we prepare to transition into the Metaverse, the AI-developed video is one that stands out as something new and perfected.

The storytelling within the video gives watchers an insight into the cycles, development and description of nature.

This is simply a sign of the music videos of the near future whilst addressing all aspects of time. The audio is stamped with a branding that only Mark Wink can own.



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