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Matt DeAngelis Unveils 'Free At Last': A Soulful Journey Towards Spiritual Liberation

Singer-songwriter Matt DeAngelis delivers an uplifting single, 'Free At Last,' blending his faith and personal journey with OCD into a powerful message of freedom and inner peace.

From the heart of Southern New Jersey, Matt DeAngelis emerges with his soul-stirring single, 'Free At Last.' Influenced deeply by his faith and lifelong journey with intrusive thought OCD, Matt embarks on a musical exploration of liberation and the beauty of life when shared with loved ones or a higher power.

'Free At Last' speaks to the universal struggle of facing life's challenges and finding freedom through faith, acceptance, and the support of those we hold dear. Matt's narrative is not just personal; it's a universal call to embrace the beauty of life, recognizing that true freedom lies within our hearts and attitudes.

Crafted with the intent to inspire mental and spiritual liberation, Matt DeAngelis invites listeners to surround themselves with positivity and to accept what lies beyond our control. Through 'Free At Last,' Matt shares his vision of a world viewed through the lens of beauty, despite the negativity that may surround us.

As a passionate advocate for climate change and mental health, Matt's artistic journey is fueled by a desire to spread positivity in a strife-ridden world. His songwriting is a testament to his ability to transform personal adversity into a source of strength and inspiration for others.

With 'Free At Last,' Matt DeAngelis offers a beacon of hope and a reminder of the power of faith and positivity. It's an anthem for anyone seeking to break free from the chains of their struggles, to find peace, and to see the world anew.

Join Matt DeAngelis in experiencing 'Free At Last,' a heartfelt anthem that promises to uplift, inspire, and offer solace to listeners everywhere. Through his music, Matt continues to be a voice of hope, encouraging us all to find freedom in the heart and peace within.

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