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MEAT IN SPACE - Chromium Dioxide


Chromium Dioxide

SF Bay Area, CA, United States

Credit - Shawn Stedman

Meat in Space! The winner of my favourite indie grunge band name goes to, Meat in Space. What an image, and what a sound! Their latest single, ‘Chromium Dioxide,’ is punchy, raunchy and full of deep, dark, grungy heavy flavour. The guitars slosh about between the sharp drums. They pick up the melody and bring it to the surface, still breathing and ready for another round. The vocals slide into view, they don’t care, they’ve been here before, they have the attitude of rock stars already. They sing a hook that is tattooed inside your eyelids, you’re not forgetting it any time soon. When the breakdown hits, the whole world vibrates, and the mountains crumble. The only thing left to identify life on earth is a small spinning piece of … ‘Meat in Space.’

I am so happy that grunge lives on in the indie scene. Pushing out belters like ‘Chromium Dioxide’ like it’s a walk in the park. It's confident and musical, but it hasn’t lost that pure punk charm. Rock on, Meat in Space, we’re all listening and we’re loving it!



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