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Meet James CN: The Zambian Lyricist Redefining Rap with His Stunning Debut!

James CN: Emerging from Zambia's Rap Scene with Wordplay and Storytelling

Born in the heart of Chililabombwe, Zambia, James Chilumba Ngwira, better known by his stage name James CN, has been carving his path in the rap scene since 2018. His journey began with the music group The Wave, where he honed his craft and developed a distinctive style characterized by intricate wordplay, punchlines, storytelling, and a poetic essence that sets him apart in the world of rap.

James CN's approach to rap is not just about rhythm and rhymes; it's an art form where each verse paints a vivid picture and every line is a stroke of genius. His lyrics are a blend of personal experiences, cultural narratives, and universal themes, resonating with a broad audience while staying true to his roots.

In 2019, James CN decided to embark on a solo career, marking a significant milestone with the release of his debut single "So Much." Recorded at Zamrridimz Studios and produced by the talented Martin Lembo, "So Much" was a statement of intent, showcasing James CN's lyrical prowess and his ability to weave words into compelling stories.

James CN's release "On the Floor"opens with a haunting synth yet it's so relaxing. Joining the piece shortly in is reggaeton beats and afrobeat-inspired vocals. As the piece develops so does the flow. A catchy beat and a catchy hook for sure!

As James CN continues to evolve and grow as an artist, his music remains a testament to his dedication and passion for rap. With each verse, he invites listeners into his world, offering a unique perspective shaped by his life in Zambia and his vision as an artist. For those who appreciate rap that's not just heard but felt, James CN is an artist to watch.


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