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Shoot The Moon

London, United Kingdom

Shoe gaze meets punk meets modern techno. It's a wild wash of sound, colour and texture but most importantly, it's a delicate balance to get right. The end result is one that sounds like it was thrown together, but it is not. If it was it would not be captivating, interesting, or wild. MEGALASHHH shows us how this sound, this blending and bending of genres, can generate infinite amounts of angst and tone in their single, ‘SHOOT THE MOON’.

It is a song simply, about the world. And to me, also, the noises it makes. This is not a quiet song, but it is also not a loud one. It takes tones from grunge, plays them cool and chill in a sideways manner. Add some programmed drums and bump up the bass and you’re in the right postcode, but not the same road. MEGALASHHH has honed the sound and wild tone to a T, it creates a frangipane of music that results in mood without effort and colour without brushes. If you’re into smooth shoe gaze, hip-hop feelings or general stoner-rock, then ‘SHOOT THE MOON’ has boatloads to offer. It's a slow and smooth walk into the darker side of techno-rock, one that I feel captures the spirit of lonely nights, brisk winds and scorching booze.


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