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Meredith Lane Evokes Nostalgia and Empowerment in New Single 'Know You'

Meredith Lane, the singer-songwriter reminiscent of a 70s era Linda Ronstadt and the spirit of Lillith Fair era 90s alternative, delivers a powerful punch of nostalgia and empowering anthems with her new single, 'Know You'. Emanating from her strong voice and poignant lyrics is a song about blind love's exhilarating beginning and its inevitable end.

Lane's voice is both the song's center and its driving force, creating a tone that is unmistakably evocative of the best of 90s alternative music. The track 'Know You', with Paul Niehaus's (known for his work with Calexico, Justin Townes Earle, Iron & Wine, Lambchop) pedal steel infusing the song with a unique sound, makes the listener bop around, and by the end, leaves them with an empowering anthem about personal growth.

Even though 'Know You' might explore the tumultuous journey of love, Meredith keeps the atmosphere uplifting. The catchy chorus helps retain the song's buoyancy, transforming the narrative into an anthem about personal growth. This shift is so effective that even the melancholic sound of the pedal steel feels cheerful by the end of the song.

For fans of 90s alternative music, and anyone who appreciates powerful lyrics sung by a voice as powerful, Meredith Lane is an artist to look out for. With the release of 'Know You', she's not just revisiting a beloved era of music, but adding her unique touch to it.

Stay tuned for more from this powerful artist who's using her pen and voice to write and sing her way into the hearts of listeners around the world.



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