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MIRA STHIRA - Let The Armor Go (Belkadi) - LATEST RELEASE


Let The Armor Go (Belkadi)

Bath, United States

Credit - Violette Media

Mira Sthira’s latest single, ‘Let The Armor Go - Belkadi’ is a pumping, soul-fuelled, indie-pop jaunt into the unknown. It's blissful, then dark, then bright. Mira Sthira has incorporated many styles and attitudes into one song, the result is a sound that is like no other. It is multifaceted and well rounded, it produces volume without straining and grows in size as the song progresses, never slowing, never stopping for anything. ‘Let The Armor Go - Belkadi’ mixes modern indie-pop and its rogue melodies and harmonies with modern dance/club music. It oomphs and slides away from the kick drum, it scales and hits the perfect pacing to get your body moving in time with the beat.

The song starts very indie, with the spacey guitar and the loud and breathy vocals, the beat is building in the back, we know something is coming but we don’t yet know what. When the beat drops, it's wild. The drums carry us higher, the world opens up beneath us and the harmonies join us in the clouds. The melody colours the landscape as it spans ever onward to the horizon. The voice is the constant, its conversational and human lyrics and melodies cut through the space-age-synth and keep us up. ‘Let The Armor Go - Belkadi’ is just what we need going into the new year. It's massive, musical and honest. Mira Sthira has produced a gem with their latest single, and I implore any and all to go and give it a look, its gleam will brighten your day.


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