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#MONNIE expresses her mixed emotions in her latest EP 'I'll Be Here When You Wake Up'




Wichita, KS, United States


Credit - Kristen Buan





Indie- Pop Queen #Monnie released her latest EP 'I'll Be Here When You Wake Up' under a week ago on July 1st. This project is a work of magic that blends the subgenres of pop in what can only be described as pure alchemy. From indie pop to contemporary pop these 6 tracks blend the nostalgic elements of 80s pop with modern pop to create a sound that you won't be able to get enough of! Opening the project is the title track - a smart move that takes you straight into the overall concept of the project. #I'llBeHereWhenYouWakeUp opens to the sound of a cassette player - 80s all the way. The track itself is built upon the foundations of 80s synths creating a steady dream pop feel along with whispery backing vocals. The vocal layers in this piece completely whisk you away into space of the track. The bassline is very subtle but makes all the difference to the bed of the piece. Although the track is dreamy and fairy tale like in production, some of the lyrics fall on the darker side of the fence. #DoYouLoveMe delves into 80s funk and pop. The bassline stands out here - The production is very #DuaLipa #FutureNostalgia in certain sections whereas the lyrics lean towards the softer work of #Hasey. "Do you love me or are you just afraid of being lonely?" "Do you love me? Are you terrified of being happy?" "Do you need me? or do you need to be needed by someone?" are some of the key lyrics that stood out to me in this piece. #ASafePlace whisks you into a sense of security through the dreamy opening vocals. Don't be fooled though! The lyrics are highly reflective upon the darker moments in life - when you need to hide away and just recentre with someone you trust. Addressing the times when you notice nothing other than that person, and are fully consumed in their existence. "Baby , trust me I don't see nothing but you". I absolutely love this song! It has a way of taking solitude and mixing it with happiness and companionship without sounding too dark in productive elements! #BlameItonMe is song that is packed to the max with questions and contemplation. This is another piece that has a hint of #Halsey about it through its lyrical content and darker tones. Another brilliant track from #Monnie. #Goodbye has a nice little build up the start. This builds the anticipation of the listener without going on for longer than it needs to. The lyrics are dark. There's no happiness found in this piece at all and I LOVE that. The track is a #Goodbye without being rude or insulting - well, almost... "It went to Sh** when you kissed me". I think that this piece is less about the other person and more about the insecurities of the artist - we all push people away when effortlessly make you feel vulnerable. I think that this song expresses the concept of #Goodbye perfectly in an honest reflection of self sabotage and the external factors that contribute to toxicity. This EP closes with #OldHabits - another piece that addresses the nature of self sabotage and toxicity. This time stating "I feel my old habits leaving me with you, break me from the habit". This EP is honest, not only does it lay out the artists' demons on their death bed but the lyrics have been crafted with high skillset. The use of synths and instruments show the diversity that #Monnie has to her art in a way that mixes the old with the new, the happy with the sound and the good with evil. 10/10.



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