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Just A Little Bit Longer

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Credit - Wojtek Dabrowski

Monroe Moon has delivered their heart and soul in their latest single, ‘Just a Little Bit Longer’. It's jazzy, it's funky and it's smooth, above all else. Solemn and wise, the song swoons over caramel tones and lavish wooden textures as the high vocals bring the melody around in full force. The song whirls, it catches your ear and pulls you to the centre of its emotional cyclone where you can be at peace, one with your thoughts and the passage of time. ‘Just a Little Bit Longer’ comes from funk and soul, tip-toes into pop but keeps its roots on its sleeve.

The song starts with percussion, it's soft, the piano rolls in with the bass and guitars. They moan they sigh, the tempo is slow and the whole affair is draped in silk. The vocal comes in doubled up and full-bodied. The tone is conversational, it tells the story in a calm and melodic bout of reserved passion. When the chorus comes around, that’s when the power comes out. The ceiling lifts, the vocals go to meet it, the percussion riles up the instrumentals and the hook slides into your sense like incense. Enthralling and smooth, the Monroe Moon flavour reaches its peak within the shimmering velvet of ‘Just a Little Bit Longer’.


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