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Just A Word

Boston, United States

It is difficult to tie down Munk Duane to just one style, as he has effectively incorporated retro, R&B and pop twinges, in his new single ‘Just a Word’. 2x New England Music Award winner and Boston-based Recording Artist, Producer and Film Composer Munk Duane has a style deeply rooted in late 60s and early 70s Soul and Pop.

The song concerns seeking assurance, to validate and make sense of one’s quest for love. Quite a vulnerable message in such an uplifting track, and the contrast works well to create an unforgettable tune, but with lyrics that will resonate with the listener.

Immediately, we’re hit with an entrancing melody line. The way the sound bounces is quite mysterious and eerie, hooking you in straight away. Consistently, the music acts as a nice accompaniment to the vocals which remain at the forefront throughout. The vocals are quite pleasing, executed with ease and simplicity, with a bold and distinctive sound you won’t forget!

Munk's music has been licensed to hundreds of television and film productions such as Hulu's Pam & Tommy, The 70th Annual Tony Awards, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Hawaii Five-O, 60 Minutes, NCIS and Blue Bloods, to The Sopranos, the Super Bowl Half-Time Show and NCAA March Madness.

Make sure to check out Munk Duane’s ‘Just a word’!



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