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Munk Duane's Unifying Anthem: 'My Fellow Americans' Ignites Hearts & Ears with Funk Pop

Where to start with Munk Duane? The Boston-based recording artist and film composer released his latest single “My Fellow Americans" earlier this month and what a bang he is back with. The song makes a statement – one that the artists have stated “defies the divisiveness prevalent in modern America with a message of unity and independent thought.” and that “The piece is a call to place love for our commonalities ahead of our differences and to resist the wedge that those with self-serving agendas, with no regard for the societal and generational fall-out, would drive between us.”

The bass line by Steve Davis comes in thick and fast attracting listeners from the first bar. A funky mix of pop and twinges of Jazz come into play harmoniously throughout.

It’s no wonder that Duane has seen his pieces join forces with some of the greatest composing opportunities in American history, such as the Half-Time Superbowl show.

Another great release from Duane, and as time goes by, I am almost certain we will hear more success stories from this talent.



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