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Welcome To The Hell

Regina, Canada

‘Welcome to the Hell!’ by nasmore is a heavy rock and metal song that shines its teeth in the black night of music. The wonder that stems from the instrumental is blissful. It's all at once slow, methodical, quick and free. It blasts its sound against red-rock walls and plays a riff on the echo. The drums construct a cathedral, and the guitars and the bass bring in the masses with tones and hypnotic melodies, leaving the vocals to deliver the sermon of rock. Cheesy, yes, but that’s how you feel caught in the moment. All of these noises, climbing higher in volume and pace until, right at the precipice, swoosh, you are caught in the metal.

nasmore know how to write a great rock song. But to perform it to such a standard is a completely different game all together. The chords, their harmonies, the bass and its climb, the drum pattern, tone and texture, all blend with the vocals that shine together. It is rare to have a duet in metal where both vocals feel completely necessary, but here they do. They pick each other up and highlight each other in the gloom. It's combative and collaborative and it's huge. ‘Welcome to the Hell!,’ what a rush.



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