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Let Myself Be

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Ageing is always something we fear, whether we know or acknowledge that or push it away it is always there in the back of our minds. Gloucestershire, United Kingdom artist Natalie Lucie has taken these killer anxieties and decided to create something empowering with them in the form of the pleasant release ‘Let Myself Be’

Following a well know whimsical lyrical talent or many artists before her, to tell the story of self-love and growth to realising the artist is more than just the menial things of hair, makeup, clothes or thoughts that tend to have a grasp upon a person, this track takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery reframing a mentality.

Starting out with a gorgeous snap and low bass beat, which builds with synths and vocals into a much more filled-out backing with shaker sounds chanting out lyrics of knowing you are better than the bad thoughts and stories. This fast moves into a gorgeous guitar plucking segment which is complemented by some beautiful harmonies that really are gorgeous in production providing an almost thought followed by a vocal response feeling.

Everything about this track really does live and breathe empowering the listener and it does this so well! We have a feel of almost 90’s pop this track will leave you feeling both nostalgic and ready to face the world! - JASMINE


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