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NEKTER GUN - Don't Wanna See You Leave


Don't Wanna See You Leave

Asbury Park, United States

Credit - Sean Ward (

Nekter Gun knows how to hit a beat hard into your chest and keep the party alive with varied rhythms and colourful harmonies. His latest single, ‘Don’t Wanna See You Leave,’ is a pumping EDM track spliced with a contemporary pop tune. The backing builds and flows like EDM but the vocal and the song construction reads like pop. It brings you close with a story and flows along with it, only the synth rises as the tension does and so does the beat, tapping and rapping ever faster. When the chorus hits the two worlds collide, sending synthetic colours one way and fat tasty beats the other. They land all around you and you can’t help but move.

‘Don’t Wanna See You Leave’ is a fantastic example of both a pop track and a dance track. The beat is solid, but not overwhelming. You can get lost in the lyrics or just be swept away by them. But at the core of it all is a melody that is so enthralling it could have only come from Nekter Gun.



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