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ROB EBERLE - Doubtful

New York, United States

Credit - PR

New York-based pop artist #ROBEBERLE impressed us this week with his latest track #Doubtful. Released on July 1st #Doubtful merges several pop-based influences into a really cool alternative pop piece! “doubtful” is a concept piece that aims to bring listners into introspection. #ROBEBERLE took the inspiration and themes of the track from the 1993 film “Mrs. Doubtfire”. From the experimental to the dark and even dream pop this is definitely one for all of you pop lovers! There's a sense of synth rock found in this piece, the electric energy is sexy, there autotuned hook lifts the piece into a whole other realm! Towards the ending, the piece strips down into a dreamy vibe something that I loved! I 100% recommend having a listen to this one!


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