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NUX Loop Core Stereo Pedal: The Ultimate Beginner's Looper

A Beginner-Friendly Looper with Advanced Features

NUX Loop Core Stereo Pedal: Your Gateway to Creative Looping

Loopers are a fantastic tool to have as a practising musician. Whether you want to take your playing to another level, update your improvisational skills, or simply have a ton of fun, loopers are a great way to do that. They come in all shapes and sizes and cover a huge variety of price points. But say this is your first looper and you want one that does it all. Well once again, NUX has you covered. The NUX Loop Core Stereo Pedal is a looper pedal with some incredible features and functions. On top of all that, I think it’s a great beginner pedal as the display on the pedal itself is a fantastic way to visualise the process of looping (which can get quite confusing once you have ten or more layers all going at once).

The looper function is as you need it, simple and rigid. You click a foot switch and start playing, you click it again and what you played is looping. The display on the Loop Core shows the progress of your loop as it goes around itself, which makes it so easy to see where you started and where you ended. The pedal allows you to dub over more layers of sound as well, to make increasingly intricate loops. As well as all this the Loop Core also has drums loaded into the pedal so that you can pick a tempo, pick a style, and play along to a beat with some flavour, a fantastic practising tool. Once you’re happy with a loop you can adjust its volume level against the backing beat if you wish and then save it right to the pedal. And might I repeat, this all happens ON THE PEDAL! It’s a brilliant piece of kit.

NUX has some gold in its product range. If you know where to look they pump out quality products that hit a specific niche use case like no one else, and at a great price. The NUX Loop Core Stereo Pedal is £119.00 on Andertons and will lead you down a tantalising, looping rabbit hole. If you’ve never had a looper on your board, this is a great place to start. And if you’ve never thought about looping at all, it is a great skill to have as a player and an amazing way to level up your playing. If you need a kicking-off point, the NUX is a golden one.


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