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Flight 608

Quebec City, Canada

There is always love for the ’90s rock bands of 2022 and there needs to be some shared with the amazing Overlap. For lovers of the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters or Incubus, Overlap’s latest release is where you need to be! With some emotional vocals and gorgeous guitar riffs ‘Flight 608’ will grab your attention and soul in quick succession.

Kicking off with an airport announcement of a flights final boarding call to Chicago, we are instantly captivated by the wondering of what's coming next. Then in comes a beautifully simplistic and heavily 90’s rock style guitar plucking segments, bringing us slowly into the track as the vocals begin to build a story and intensity. True to classical 90’s rock form we are taken on a number of highs and lows throughout the track, with the build-ups of emotion as we progress through allowing us to feel the emotions of the singer as we go. But what is not 90’s rock style and interestingly introduced in the speed in which there are tempo changes and even entire rhythm changes. This creates a sense of confusion that when coupled with the topic makes for a gorgeous artistic delivery decision.

If you are needed to get in your feels, love a bit of classic rock and want to listen to some gorgeous vocal ranges, this is the track you need to get added to your playlist. - JASMINE

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