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Perception Unleashed: Jay Doce's 'HISOKA' - The Lyrical Anti-Hero Anthem Igniting Your Inner Fighter

Sometimes a piece of art just clicks with you, you feel it, understand it and feel understood by it. Perception is your individual superpower. San Fransisco-based rapper known as Jay Doce knows how to play on those perceptions. His latest single “HISOKA” caught my attention through its artwork and through its complete lyrical anti-hero propaganda. A haunting synth loop rides throughout whilst an Icey vocal performance carries listeners through an entire world of darkness. The song takes inspiration from Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter, where the paradox of a ruthless killer is not exactly a villain.

If you are looking for a song that will pump you up to superhuman strength and determination this is a song that boasts a level of confidence that borders unapologetic cockiness – its goal? To conjure the cockiness out of all listeners.

There is nothing more exciting than a song that tickles up the fighter in you, and when combined with a concept-based narrative, we find ourselves a piece of art.



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