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PFLAMES Ignites Empowerment with his Latest Single 'Turn Me Round'

In the vibrant realm of music, PFLAMES, a multi-instrumentalist producer, and songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska, has fired off another round with his latest single, 'Turn Me Round.' Joining him on this track are Donnie J, Damien Q, and the newest addition, Grace Anthony, hailing from South Carolina. Together, they create an infectious and uplifting anthem that demands you to dance and sing along.

Inspired by a diverse array of legends such as Prince, OutKast, Miles Davis, and Joni Mitchell, PFLAMES, who previously graced the stage at SXSW, channels their essence to carve out a unique groove in his music. The single, recorded at PFLAMES's Instant Vintage Studios and mastered at Burnt Mellow Records, exudes the quintessence of 70's inspired soul and blues, proving to be a testament to his production prowess.

'Turn Me Round' is more than a sonic celebration; it's an emblem of resilience and a tribute to the ones who’ve passed on. Amidst personal losses, including the death of his parents, and the world grappling with Covid, PFLAMES embarked on a journey of self-reflection and discovery. His experiences, reflected in the single and the upcoming album, 'The Joy Algorithm,' manifest in the power of perseverance and self-awareness. He writes through the melancholy and the chaos, emerging with a renewed sense of self, showcasing his ability to transform grief into an empowering and groovy testament to resilience.


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