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Plunging into Love with 'Deep End': Cassidy Dickens' Lyrical Journey Echoes the Heartbeat of Emotion

Cassidy Dickens proves that melody, heart and drive are still enough to craft an endearing and addictive track in 2023 with her single, ‘Deep End.’ It’s a song about falling, absolutely and positively, ass over tea kettle in love with someone. But not just that, it’s about the feeling you get when you can see it coming a mile away. It was a brilliant feeling at the time. You have the world before you, Angel Falls opening up as you approach, but there is that pit in your stomach as you drop and know you may never come back up. All that emotion, that heart is packed into a tight indie song that bases itself on an acoustic guitar and some outstanding vocals.

‘Deep End’ is everything that it needs to be. It’s bright, honest and tonal. But most of all it keeps things simple. It takes a message and wraps a melody around it. It takes to the stage with a guitar and rocks out. Cassidy Dickens has real talent and method. To be able to sing is one thing, but to be able to sing while waving a story and never losing me along the way, that’s the stuff of music legend. I have no doubt that if ‘Deep End’ is the beginning, we are in for one hell of a journey. Jaw-dropping.



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