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PrivacyClub Ignites the Indie Scene with 'Into A Flower': A Fusion of Post-Punk and Emo Goth

Updated: Feb 10

Cover Art for 'Into A Flower': The striking cover art for PrivacyClub's 'Into A Flower'
Cover Art for 'Into A Flower': The striking cover art for PrivacyClub's 'Into A Flower'
Embark on an emotive journey with PrivacyClub's debut single 'Into A Flower,' a track that masterfully blends post-punk energy with indie rock sensibility, marking a bold entry for the Brooklyn-based band

PrivacyClub, hailing from Queens NY, have made a remarkable entrance into the indie music scene with their debut single 'Into A Flower.' The band, led by the talented Don Riedel, seamlessly combines the raw emotionality of emo and goth with the dynamic energy of indie rock, creating a sound that is both nostalgically familiar and refreshingly innovative.

Recorded at Triangle Wave Studios, 'Into A Flower' captures the essence of PrivacyClub's distinct sound. The track has been lauded for its infectious post-punk influence that melds perfectly with an indie rock sensibility, creating a contrast that is as catchy as it is profound.

Don Riedel's emotional vulnerability has been praised for its sound, by "The Wild is Calling" as reminiscent of early Kings of Leon. They have also been noted for their comparison to the stylistic elements of The Cure and Idles.

Riedel, originally from Chelsea, Michigan, and now based in New York City, explores themes of masculinity, confidence, and honesty in his music. Influenced by emo, goth, and post-punk acts, Riedel's songwriting delves into the complexities of angst and sadness with an adult perspective, all while ensuring the music remains fun—a genre PrivacyClub playfully terms 'Fun Goth.'

The band is rounded out by NYC-based musicians and producers Chris Agar, Collin "Stanley" Dwarzski, and Eric Hoegemeyer, each bringing their unique expertise to PrivacyClub. From Agar's "less-is-more" bass playing to Dwarzski's creative direction and Hoegemeyer's instinctual production approach, the band presents a cohesive sound that is both edgy and melodically rich.

'Into A Flower' has already received acclaim for its addictive quality and emotional depth, with critics noting its ability to bridge aesthetic gaps between different musical eras. As PrivacyClub continues to promote their debut single they stand poised to make a significant impact on the indie music landscape.

PrivacyClub invites listeners to experience 'Into A Flower' as an emotive journey that connects the past to the present, inviting a deep dive into the universal energy that surrounds all things. With their debut, PrivacyClub promises a musical exploration that is both introspective and exhilarating, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in indie music.

Genre: Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave, Emo Goth

Mood: Emotive, Vulnerable, Edgy, Catchy

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