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Proklaim Ignites the Hip-Hop Scene with 'POPPIN' - Offering Another Trailblazing Amapiano Fusion

Vibrant cover art for 'POPPIN' by Proklaim
Vibrant cover art for 'POPPIN' by Proklaim

Proklaim's 'POPPIN': Revolutionizing Hip-Hop with Amapiano Beats - A Vibrant Anthem for the Soul

Proklaim, the visionary solo artist and songwriter from Namibia, never stops! Back again with another release, Proklaim finds himself setting the hip-hop world ablaze with his latest single, "POPPIN." This groundbreaking track marks Proklaim's bold venture into a new subgenre, blending the high-energy beats of South African Amapiano with the lyrical depth of hip-hop, creating a sound that's both fresh and familiar. Of course, this isn't a completely new venture for Proklaim, as shown in recent releases, but this time we have something a little different.

"POPPIN" has been designed to electrify listeners, urging us to embrace life's vibrancy while pondering the messages rooted into its rhythm. The energy of the track is a result of its fusion of high-energy production quality and a lyrical message. Designed to be a high-energy anthem that gets listeners excited about life, Proklaim's approach to this track is reflective of his broader musical ethos: "to blend infectious beats with thought-provoking lyrics, creating music that moves both the body and the mind."

Proklaim's Vision is one of admiration. His words, acting as a humble yet wise force can be found in the following statement - "In hip-hop, legend is built off of 'verse'...make the words count."

As "POPPIN" takes its place in the playlists of hip-hop aficionados and Amapiano lovers alike, Proklaim and I invite you to join him on a journey of musical innovation. With this latest release, he is popping and he is also proclaiming a new era of hip-hop, one that ditches talk of a million... women and crime and travels towards consciousness and wholeness.

Proklaim stands out as an artist whose authenticity does not need to be described.

Genre: Hip-Hop, Amapiano, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Gospel Hip-Hop, Political Hip-Hop, Trap

Mood: Uplifting, Energetic, Thought-Provoking, Innovative, Rhythmic, High-Energy, Empowering

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