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Windhoek, Namibia

Credit - Ravianus Shambeni

Stop what you’re doing and hit play on the Spotify player at the bottom of this page. Proklaim is back with yet another release after an unstoppable year in 2022.

‘Priceless’ is the title of the latest instalment from this hip-hop artist. A mellow neo-trap production holds this piece together. A soulful and melodic chorus’ and introspective verses give listeners the full package that Proklaim has to offer through his craft.

The flow of the rap verses are immaculate, punchy, speedy, and clever. There’s a similarity between Proklaim and Kendrick in terms of the speed and execution of flow but what makes Proklaim’s artistry so distinctive in its own right is the way that he can switch between flows from track to track.

Proklaim is just getting better and better, you’d be missing out if you don’t get familiar with this artist.

Definitely an artist on the rise, with all the markings of somebody who could make it.


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