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Proklaim Shakes the Music World Again with 'Alive' - A Hip-Hop/Afrobeat Fusion Masterpiece!

Cover Art Promo: Proklaim 'Alive'
Cover Art Promo: Proklaim 'Alive'

Dive into the explosive new single 'Alive' by Proklaim, blending dreamy guitar with fiery Afrobeat rhythms and hard-hitting rap – It's more than just music, it's a revolution!

Another release from Proklaim this week, this time in the form of his single entitled 'Alive'. This Afrobeat meets Hip-Hop Pop production hits, hard and fast. Stunning guitar samples give a dreamy feel whilst afrobeat percussion adds to the impact of Proklaim's fast, politically charged rap vocals. What can I even say? Once again I'm impressed and enjoy listening to a release by Proklaim. At this point, I feel that my quote to Proklaim should be "Impressed until proven otherwise".

The finesse of the rap flows, the power of his words and the catchy hooks hold such power here. Once again Proklaim's power lies in the magic of his pen and the execution of his own words. "You can't stop what is meant to be". Lyrics refer to manifestation and vision, and the pen makes for a "speak into existence" narrative when combined with the statement from Proklaim, that "very few people remain true to the yearnings for purpose inside them", we can see that he is a man on a mission.

"All the verses were written and recorded during the recording session" say Proklaim in a statement about the release. A skilful genius in the booth. Furthermore, when talking about the inspiration behind "Alive", he says that"the aim was to create a progressive fusion sound that pushes the genre of hiphop forward while injecting global African sounds into it". The verdict? Well, "Alive" is another perfect release from Proklaim that has everything a hip-hop lover could ever want. Maybe collaborations in the future could spice things up the next notch? Who knows?

Genres: Afrobeat, Christian Dancehall, Gospel, World Hip-Hop, Political Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap

Moods: Fiery, Political, Conscious, Motivational, Inspirational, Upbeat

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