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PROKLAIM - somebody

Proklaim always comes in with strong and meaningful releases. "Somebody" opens with melodic chimes and a slick bassline, A slow boom-bap provides a cushion for every stem to fit above perfectly. The rap flow is amazing! It's fast, playful and the hook comes in to add a brief slow down before speeding things up again. The lyrics, highly conscious as expected from this artists. The skill is absolutely up there with the greats.

Proklaim is an artist who I've loved seeing grow over the last year. Subtle layers of melodic guitar hide under the surface with layers upon layers of beauty. The team behind this production have aced this one with lyrics performed and written by Proklaim, layers mixed by Lu Diaz and flawlessly mastered by Chris Athens Want to know more? We have a whole feature page containing everything Proklaim for you to check out this issue so don't miss it!



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