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Proklaim: The Hip-Hop Visionary from Namibia, Pushes Boundaries in 'All Eyez'

Windhoek, Namibia is home to an exciting voice in hip-hop, a solo artist known as Proklaim. Passionate about creating music that not only propels the genre forward but is also rooted in value-based messages, Proklaim is a force to be reckoned with.

Adhering to the principles of lyricism and soulfulness, Proklaim remains dedicated to exploring creative diversity in his work. His commitment to progression is not only evident in his evolving artistry but is also the theme of his latest single 'All Eyez'

Proklaim's raw truth-telling, combined with his continual self-improvement, brings a fresh twist to old school hip-hop. His style, marked by a Kendrick Lamar-inspired cadence and wordplay, is a unique blend of the nostalgic and the innovative.

Proklaim's commitment to driving the genre forward while staying true to its roots positions him as an artist to watch. His work pays homage to the hip-hop tradition while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the genre. With his latest release, Proklaim proves once again that he is not only keeping up with the changing landscape of hip-hop but is also setting the pace. This is old-school hip-hop with a fresh trim, a testament to Proklaim's ability to evolve the genre while respecting its history.

Catchy, political, philosophical, you name it.



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