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Austin, Texas, United States

REUE (pronounced as roi-uh) is an artist who just seems to get better and better with every release! Impressing our listeners and our readers since September, REUE is now back with us to steal the hearts of club music lovers with his release ‘Enamor’.

Touching on love song meets techno, this track has all the workings of a genius. The lyrics paint a picture of love for the self and for others against a backdrop of progressive house elements and techno-inspired storytelling that evolves gradually throughout the piece.

With a strong opening, ‘Enamor’ waits for nobody before plunging its audience in a techno whirl of tribal percussion from shakers to woodblock rhythms that rest upon a synth of hypnotic yet quiet ambience.

Transfusing this tropical/tribal house meets techno feel with the introduction of electronic synth bass takes listeners from the cinematic and ambient and into a club-ready production. Speedy hi-hats come in to join the fun before more layers of synth bass are introduced.

This is a production that will fit house/techno DJ playlists nicely! Either as a standalone piece or an instrumental transition remix. Also suitable for long night drives (as a passenger) or as a backdrop to those late-night office hours.

Another brilliant production from REUE. one2watch! - TAMARA JENNA

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