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Revolutionary Track 'Lets Dance' Ignites Global Movement – Can You Feel the Rhythm?

Promotional image for John Weddepohl's single "Lets Dance"
Promotional image for John Weddepohl's single "Lets Dance"

John Weddepohl's electrifying single 'Lets Dance' is more than music – it's a heartbeat of unity and love. Join the dance that's captivating nations!

John Weddepohl, is a the multi-talented singer-songwriter hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa who is now based in Byron Bay, Australia.In his latest release entitled "Let's Dance", Weddephohl brings to the world his vibrant and soul-stirring flair through an invitation to celebrate life, diversity, and unity. Written in 2000 during a pivotal moment in South Africa's history, "Lets Dance" serves as a tribute to the dawn of a new era and a vision for the 'Rainbow Nation' in the 21st century.

John's musical journey is as diverse as the influences in his music. From playing in folk clubs in London with the legendary producer Shel Talmy to leading powerhouse bands in South Africa and creating award-winning soundtracks, his career is a testament to his versatility and passion for music. "Lets Dance" encapsulates this journey, blending Electrobeats, dance, club music, and the iconic sounds of the Fairlight, a classic synth from the '80s.

Recorded in Johannesburg, "Lets Dance" is a one-man show, with John playing all the instruments, showcasing his mastery in composition and electronic music production. The ethos behind the single is a celebration of diversity and inclusion, mirroring the spirit of South Africa's change of government in 2000. It's a dance into the infinite, a bold riff of life that encourages everyone to celebrate freedom and love, no matter the challenges.

John's message is clear and profound: "Today, make a commitment. To be the Love Itself. Love for no reason. Be the love you want to see in the world. Regardless of what you see. Take love to the four corners of the earth. Make sure nobody escapes. Nobody can escape the embrace of the Divine."

"Let's Dance" is a call to bring love to the forefront, to dance through life's challenges, and to unite in the rhythm of joy and acceptance. This track is a must-listen for anyone who believes in the power of music to heal, uplift, and connect.

Genres: Commercial Vocal Dance, Vocal Dance/EDM, Electronic Pop, Groove Soul

Moods: Uplifting, Energetic, Soulful, Empowering, Celebratory

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