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#roman. shares his Own World (20 pages)




Long Island, United States





#OneWorld (20 Pages) is the debut album by Long Island-based artist #Roman. This album consists of 12 songs that seep with emotional honesty to tell a story that delves into loss, love, self-reflection, and life's transitions. This collection of tracks merges the genres of rap, hip-hop, pop, alternative rock, and lo-fi music genres. So, let's have a listen then...

The album opens with I. 20 Pages and what a track it is. WOW. Where do I start here? The production begins slow, packed with reverbed emotional guitar and a moving delayed hook. Emo-rap vocals switch the whole feel of the piece from the dark and gloomy to the fierce and powerful rap flow. This track definitely captured my attention. "I don't know what to tell you" takes a step into an old school meets new Hip-Hop. I love the contrast between the opening two tracks, they offer something dark and something intrinsically free that showcases the versatility of this artist super early on in the project. You can't escape it. I. Rain and Snow is another completely different production! Acoustic guitar sets the tone here - taking the listener into the land of acoustic rock. The heavy bass keeps that slight element of darkness prominent in the project - I love how many layers there are to this artist. I.Take a hint is a piece that takes old-school hip-hop influence in production but brings soulful rock in vocal form. I love this one! I love them all!

II. Down captured my attention from the start - I love the guitar riff - the soft shakers and BOOM the fun but powerful rap flow - the funky bass. I think this one is my favorite so far along with the title track. This piece is one that would do well in the alternative indie scene but also in the pop world. The autotuned hook adds a whole new element to #Roman.'s artistry. This is one talented artist! II. Mortality goes straight in with the vocals but this time, we have a special guest! Please welcome *Ella Shreiner* This piece has all sorts going on from the upbeat to the dark, pop to alt-rap it's all here! II. Avenger entices you into the darkness, you become consumed in this artist's story, finding yourself rooting for him and living his pain. This track has a real feel of Post Malone to it. The vocals are polished to perfection, and the darkness in the production enhances the lyrics and vice versa. I truly felt this one. II.Tundra has a medieval strings sample - this really stands out! This track has a feel of Jack Harlow about it and features another special guest! *Funder* This piece is so catchy and packed with emotion.

III.Moon opens with a happy guitar loop - but don't be fooled, as the production moves through we hear the darkness of heavy bass and 808s to accompany the anguish of the lyrics. This piece definitely strummed my strings. This track feels like home to me. III. Heart of gold takes a step into neo-soul and then jazz-infused hip-hop, pop, and funk. Ok, this piece showcases the rapping skills of #Roman. to absolute perfection as he comes in hard with his flow. III. Call Me Roman. slow things down into a laid-back piece that you can't help but lose yourself in. One thing that stood out to me here is the dominance of the drums fueling the track without being overpowering. It works well with the guitar strums and lyrics. We've now reached the final chapter - III 20 Pages Pt.2 takes you back into the haunting sounds of dark 808s, trap loops, and eerie synths. This piece has a feel of G- Eazy about it - merging the lands of dark pop and Hip-Hop. This album is an absolute 10/10 and beyond. I think that as far as debut albums go, this artist has entered the game, taking the top spot and I believe he'll do it again! Really looking forward to hearing more from #Roman.



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