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ROS!E - Made Myself Cry

A subtle genre of punk-pop is rising in the shadows. It's like pop but with an attitude. It doesn’t care, it makes music for the thrill of it. It's confident, bold, and uses sounds that rub the general pop lover the wrong way. I for one, love it.

Sitting half in the punk-pop sub-genre is ROS!E with her latest single, ‘Made Myself Cry.’ It's catchy, has that hook from the very start. As soon as you press play you know you’re getting to the end — then sticking it on repeat. The vocals are honest, human, and musical to the nines. They take the beat, the groove from the bass and the drumming electric and they turn it all on its head. The sound is pop, the vibe is chill and the attitude is intoxicating.

‘Made Myself Cry’ has that Rodrigo vibe. It's loud, it knows it, and it doesn’t care. The result is a song that is proud of its identity, as it should be. ROS!E has given us a strong example of what a great pop song needs to be.



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