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Rusty Reid's 'Our Love's With You': A Golden Flow of Indie Country that Touches the Heart

Songs can flow like physical things if you ask me. Songs can roll through canyons like great sums of water, some trickle over glass like sand in an hourglass. Some, like Rusty Reid’s ‘Our Love’s With You,’ flow like gold running to a mould. This single is a country song that holds its head high as it sings and it should. This is indie country of the highest quality. The song strolls rather than walks and when it strolls it sings a tune. It’s a sad one, but it’s uplifting; some songs are there so we can say goodbye, and that’s exactly what Rusty Reid has given us here, a beautiful goodbye. The guitar is warm and inviting, the bass — rounded and honest. The percussion does just enough to keep us in the moment while the vocal leads the sound on, to the horizon.

‘Our Love’s With You’ simply feels right. It pokes at the best qualities of us and breaks them down to their finest, leaving us shining and new. Rusty Reid is a master of country and a smithy of blues. This single is one to remember, one to rush to when you need a shoulder or when you need a smile. As with all great country music: yes it has a story, but that story can be your own. Wonderful.


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