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Deep Dive into 'Deep Time': SAMBOX's New Single Reimagines Classic Anthems with a Deep House Twist

Samuel Pineau aka SAMBOX, in his home studio, immersed in the creation of 'Deep Time'

Unveiling 'Deep Time': The Rebirth of Two Classics

Few journeys are as hypnotic as the one Samuel Pineau, also known as SAMBOX, invites you on with his latest single "Deep Time." For the uninitiated, SAMBOX is a versatile French music producer and composer whose sonic adventures traverse a multitude of genres: from lounge and ambient to deep house and jazz.

Rebirth of Classics

It's not every day that an artist digs into his repertoire to breathe new life into tracks that captivated audiences nearly two decades ago. But SAMBOX isn't your everyday musician. His philosophy is straightforward: "Know-how is nothing without making it known." With "Deep Time," SAMBOX reinvents two timeless anthems—"Better Life" and "Feel the Summer Breeze"—infusing them with the pulsating spirit of deep house.

The Emotional Alchemy

The metamorphosis of "Better Life" and "Feel the Summer Breeze" is more than just an audio upgrade. It's a sonic reincarnation. The fusion of haunting deep house rhythms with the original melodies makes for an exhilarating listening experience. This evolution captures a vivid intersection where the past meets the present—each track taking you on a brand-new voyage while retaining its classic allure.

Samuel Pineau aka SAMBOX, in his home studio, immersed in creation

A Symphony of Solitude

While SAMBOX hasn't graced live stages or made TV appearances, his music has been featured in 70 CD compilations worldwide, including the iconic "Buddhattitude" by Georges V. With a home studio serving as his alchemical lab, SAMBOX aspires to accomplish musically what he began 16 years ago.

Final Notes

"Deep Time" is not just a single but an invitation—to dance, to reminisce, to feel. It takes a unique talent to create a musical universe where innovation meets nostalgia, where every beat is a page from a diary you never knew you kept. Mark your calendars and clear your playlists; the new era of musical depth is here, and its name is "Deep Time."


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