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SARANTOS - We Failed Until We Didn't


We Failed Until We Didn't

Chicago, United States

‘We Failed Until We Didn’t’ is an uplifting single from alt-pop artist, Sarantos. It's a song that speaks to your core, your drive, that place where your determination resides. It riles it up, gets it churning and urges you to try again, and keep trying. The instrumental is a blend of slick strings, percussion, synths and acoustic guitars. Under it all is a warming sub-bass that carries you through the song like a distant beam of hope carries you through dark mornings. The vocals are bright, clear and personable. Keeping them honest was a great play as it means that the message of the song reads loud and clear. You can fail 1000 times. But all it takes is one success to change your life, so keep trying.

Sarantos’s ‘We Failed Until We Didn’t’ is a bright song that lends its effulgence to you. It sinks its positivity in with the help of a brilliant chorus, this is certainly a song that will stick with you.

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