Crazy Things Like That

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Do you love folk and country music as every good high-class music listener should? Perfect, because See Your Shadow’s ‘Crazy Things Like That’ is a smile in a song. - FREDDIE MCKEE

Its blend of country sounds, folk instrumentals and pitch-perfect vocals and harmonies forge a sound that is soulful and whimsically unique. With acoustic guitars, soft and hard drum tones and a story that curls and furls throughout the song, See Your Shadow is onto a hit with this one for sure.

The song feels folk from the get-go. Opening with a mix of soft acoustic guitars and plucks that keep the beat positive and lighthearted, the song sets off skipping down the way with pigtails in its hair. The vocals begin, matching the instrumental like the final piece of the puzzle, and all is complete. The song takes us on a journey through varied verses and a chorus that just won’t quit with the charm and it’s delightful. What makes this song stand out for me is the harmonies and how varied they are. They do not exist just in the vocal layer but throughout. It seems as if the guitar harmonises with the vocals, and the bass does too, the drums fill the gaps and keep the whole track tight, leading to ‘Crazy Things Like That’ being one hell of a folk-pop belter.