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Girls At Parties

Syracuse, United States

‘Girls at Parties’ is a hard-hitting single from Shallow Alcove, a band you will want in your library. The harmonies soar, the beat bounds and the musicality of the backing swells into chorus zeniths that will melt you away. Telling stories that everyone can relate to, foggy nights and blackout wake-ups, Shallow Alcove manages to weave a melody throughout that is catchy, and memorable. Underlying all of the musical qualities of ‘Girls at Parties’ is an honesty that is rarely shown through music nowadays. With so much hidden behind filters and autotune, it is refreshing to hear massive part harmonies that click and acoustic guitars pushing the track from beat to beat.

The song opens with Shallow Alcove’s best-in-class harmonic arrangement. It blares from the silence, cutting it into bite-sized pockets of music. Then the instrumental settles in and the lead vocal takes us down the heartfelt river that ‘Girls at Parties’ builds before us. Round bends, through thick brush and down waterfalls the song cascades, pulling you with the current so effectively it’s hard to focus on anything but the music soothing your ears or playing from your car stereo.

Listen to this track I implore you. It's good, dangerously good and I don’t think it’ll be long until we see massive things from Shallow Alcove. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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