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"Sun Ally" by Shiano23: A Fresh Wave of Austrian Cloud Rap

Cover art of Shiano23's debut single "Sun Ally"
Cover art of Shiano23's debut single "Sun Ally"

Shiano23 Unveils a Vivid Tapestry of Love in Debut Single “Sun Ally”


Austria's burgeoning cloud rap scene finds a new luminary in Shiano23 with his debut single “Sun Ally”. Released on November 11th, 2023, through the Vienna-based label Anaves Music, the track is a kaleidoscope of emotions, painted with a palette of harmonious beats and evocative lyrics.

From a young age, Shiano23 has been exposed to a diverse musical world, leading him to develop a keen sense for rhythm and melody. His approach to music is deeply personal, infusing his beats with a freshness and immediacy that resonate with a wide array of listeners. Going further, as a result, his style is an amalgamation of various musical influences, all of which converge to create unique and familiar sounds.

“Sun Ally” is an exploration of love in its multifaceted forms. From the exhilarating highs to the depths of emotional turmoil, Shiano23 captures the essence of love's complexity. The lyrics, laden with a sense of carefree abandon, weave through the strong trap beats, creating a tapestry that's both introspective and outward-looking. The autotune-laden vocals add a modern edge to the track, enhancing the emotional undercurrents without overwhelming the song's core message.

Produced by F. Schindlbauer, aka Shiano23, the track showcases his prowess as a beatmaker and producer. The mixing and mastering by mirac complement the production, ensuring that each element of the track harmonizes to create a cohesive whole. The arrangement is robust, with a well-crafted structure that supports the lyrical journey.

Shiano23’s “Sun Ally” does well as a debut. It's a statement of intent and a showcase of potential.

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