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Showalter’s ‘With My Companion’: A Soulful Lullaby for Warm Summer Nights

The calming tones of showalter’s ‘With My Companion’ are just what you need on those warm summer nights. While the sunsets and the moon colours the sky, the dulcet tones of acoustic guitar and honest vocals fill the air and your heart to great effect. Once the song is swinging, you can pick it apart to find its hidden beauty. It’s indie folk, but it’s slow and dedicated, it calls to you with wanting tales and keeps you there through its infinite wisdom. Once the light is fully gone from the sky, the song begins to glow. The simple core adorned with its magic accoutrements fills the space and sends you off to beautiful sleep.

Songs like ‘With My Companion’ come about sparingly and when they do I latch onto them for dear life. There is magic in this type of honest music, there is a soul that is so powerful it has become tangible. It is a wild and freeing ride. Pair the brilliant songwriting with the tranquil tones and textures that showalter brings to the table and you have yourself one hell of a single on your hands. It’s human, honest, and filled with so many flicks and twists of spontaneous brilliance. A gemstone star on the darkest night.


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