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Ask No Questions

Toay, Argentina

The latest techno-pop single from Simon Boyd, ‘Ask No Questions’, features an array of interesting synth sounds, percussion and soul influences. It’s a soundscape in a bottle. Washing and waving sound against glass-smooth walls and listening to the echo. Arpeggios and rattling bass take the melody home. It's floating upon a cloud-like synth that has no edges, it flows like sand between phrases and keeps forming new shapes as it goes. The addition of a saxophone adds some needed texture, a throughline to reality. The electricity stops its domination for just a second, then the beat thrusts you into the groove again.

‘Ask No Questions’ is a very complex single, its construction is a conversation. It has highs and lows, not verses and choruses, it sighs and laughs and oozes with emotion. The vocals on the track do well to add some humanity to the techno-swirl. The lines sung are long, drawn and pleading at times, it gives the track a melancholy feel that pairs wonderfully with the emotive bass and percussive textures that sit in the back, playing their disco-games.

If you’re a fan of experimental pop, or miss the vibe that Depeche Mode brought into the limelight, then Simon Boyd’s ‘Ask No Questions’ is a tune you simply have to listen to. - FREDDIE MCKEE

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