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Your Freedom

Manhattan, United States

Chucky Trading Co has appeared in TJPL NEWS several times since discovering them back in May of this year. If you're curious to find out more about the group then make sure that you click here and if you're intrigued then also click here too!

Now for something new! "Your Freedom" marks the latest release from these Super Skilful Rockers. The artists summed up their release in one simple statement - "It's as if Jimi Hendrix sat in on a Byrds session." - TAMARA JENNA

Beginning with the slick acoustic guitar strokes in true Chucky Trading Co fashion is something that I always love! The tone of the guitar is second to none. As the bass elements are introduced along with the vocal performance, listeners are given a whole load of layers and tonation that fills the space of the song perfectly. I love the guitar riffs and the clarity in the mix. This is an all-around perfect follow-up release for Chucky Trading Co, one that any guitar lover is going to get super excited about due to the tones and skills of the acoustics and the high energy in the electric solos. "Your Freedom" is another absolutely SMASHING release for the group!


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