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INTRODUCTING *Chucky Trading Co*



Chucky Trading Co

Manhattan, United States





Laurel Canyon of Chucky Trading Co brings timeless yet new folk-rock songs to the forefront of all things creative in a dynamic collaboration between songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young. The first CTC album contains 15 heartfelt songs that explore love, life, and human nature. From the opening riff of Grace through the rattlesnake shake of the tambourine on Tumbleweeds, Chucky Trading Co delivers soulful arrangements, magical hooks, and images that touch your core. TJPL NEWS selected track 7 named 'Shadows' to review! Not only are we taking you through our lens of the track but we also got ahold of Chucky Trading Co in an exclusive TJPL NEWS fashion so make sure that you check that out at the bottom of this page. So, let's get onto 'Shadows'...




Shadows is a classic folk-rock track. Opening with layered guitars from folk strums to melodic solos, 'Shadows' holds the key to our attention in its full and effective use of the space within the track. A brief introduction of the drums hints at the development that is about to begin. As the vocals sing their story, we hear of a homeless musician with nothing to eat but who has an Old Gibson and notebooks of songs. The song highlights the notion of shadows, journeys, new beginnings, and old ventures. In 'Shadows' a truly moving story is told, it touched me deeply. The mix of instrumentation from acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, drums, and more each take their own spot in this production and weave intricately with each other to create space for the other. I thoroughly think that this track has captured the essence of the storytelling of folk music but also adds something bigger through heavier instrumentation. This track has been perfectly created. An absolutely stunning piece. Click the link below to hear 'Shadows'. THAT'S NOT ALL! Don't forget, Tamara Jenna managed to grab an interview so make sure that you check it out.





What would be your ultimate achievement for your latest single? Is there a particular vision that you had when putting the song together?

Honestly, we never think about what will happen in streaming or sales when we put a song together. Shadows had its own energy and purpose when it came to life in about one evening hour on my living room couch. The melody and lyrics just flowed with the story of a Nashville star from days past who is now living on the street and is rediscovered, only to fall back to the shadows by the end of the song. Is this a true story? Did I have someone in mind? I’ll never tell.

If you could define music in one short sentence (no cheating) what would you say?

At its best, music is pure emotion, the sounds that speak directly to other souls without passing through the filter of spoken language.

When did you first realise that you had the potential to be an artist? Is there a memory that has stuck in your mind as the turning point for you?

The first time I played a guitar I remember feeling like I never had before. I was 16 and immediately felt like I was learning a new language, a special language.

How would you define your sound?

In some ways it is very retro. Folk rock and classic rock from the 1970s and 1980s. But I think there is a modern pop sensibility in the arrangements and recording that Everett Young brings to the picture. The songs all sounded folkier when first written and what has become the Chucky Trading Co sound emerged when working with Everett.

Cubase, Protools, or neither?

Protools. We work at a distance, and we are able to share our project files directly because we are all in the same DAW.

This might be a tricky one but Studio vs Live - Which do you prefer and why?

Before CTC was born with this album project I would have said live every time. The weird and wonderful process of making this album in 5 different spaces (including bedrooms and real studios) and cities was incredible. A new level of creativity emerged because of COVID remote recording. We are working on the second album now and I’m reliving all those incredible highs from bouncing musical ideas around the world.

How do you collaborate with vocalists and other artists?

Our musical journeys have all been collaborative. When Everett and I (CS Taber) created the partnership for CTC and then recorded the album during COVID, we became even closer, even though we were 1500 or so miles apart. Other friends came in to meld their own sounds into CTC, including my little sister, Patricia “Danger” Taber, who is an amazing singer. Danger and I have been singing together since we were little.

If you had the opportunity to work with one of your favorite musical artists, who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

I’ll say Jeff Tweedy, especially if we could write together. I just love his poetry in song, from Uncle Tupelo days to Wilco.

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

Oh, man, we are working on a new CTC album. I have written the songs and we are working through arrangement and production ideas. I think we’ll have female lead vocals on some songs this time (Danger can bring us some Fleetwood Mac vibes). Also, gotta let you know that Everett is a film score writer and he is currently in the midst of a couple feature film projects. That’s pretty cool!!

Where can we find the track? Links to socials and distribution handles

@chuckytrading for socials



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