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Cassandra Liu Unleashes 'Chaos Is Me': A Dark Synth-Pop Odyssey into the Heart of Existential Turmoil

New York's Cassandra Liu marks her entry into the realm of dark synth-pop with 'Chaos Is Me'. This is a song that delves deep into the existential understanding of chaos as an inextricable part of life. Philosophical, deep, and thought-provoking, this is a song that stands out for both its sound and philosophical underpinnings. This is a release that will never fail to draw listeners into a reflective journey. The nature of existence and our place within the universe is explored throughout the piece.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Dark pop icons, Lana Del Ray, Rina Sawayama, Halsey, and Florence + the Machine, Cassandra Liu crafts a dramatic and imaginative sound leading 'Chaos Is Me' into a cinematic imprint on all who experience it. The result? Cassandra Liu invites listeners to envision themselves within a narrative that is as rich and as complex as a film.

The music video, directed by the talented Matan Hamam, transcends traditional music visuals to become an abstract art piece. Portraying Liu as both an observed art piece and the observer, showcases the artist's dedication to existential philosophy, symbolizing the shift from being a passive part of chaos to an active participant in shaping one's reality.

Cassandra Liu's journey into music began in her closet, yes you read that right. It was here that she single-handedly produced, wrote, and performed 'Chaos Is Me', showcasing her multifaceted talent as a bedroom songwriter, singer, and producer. Her approach to music is deeply influenced by her love for theatre, drama, and philosophy, allowing her to create songs that are true from the depths of the soul.

The piece was inspired by a conversation surrounding chaos theory and the classic Chinese philosophical story 'Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dream.' As a result, the song captures the essence of embracing chaos as part of our identity, challenging listeners to reflect on the duality of being both the creator and the creation within their universes.

As Cassandra Liu's debut single, 'Chaos Is Me' sets a high bar for her upcoming album, promising an odyssey of dark, powerful, and thought-provoking music. With 'Chaos Is Me,' Liu invites us to embark on a philosophical and cinematic journey, exploring the depths of our existence and the beauty of embracing the chaos that defines us.


Genre: Alternative Pop, Commercial Pop, Dark-Pop, Electronic Pop

Mood: Introspective, Powerful, Dark, Cinematic

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