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New York City

Now it's time to present you with the second single from New York City-based artist 'Sinistra'. Her latest release entitled 'Better' is a sad bop that merges the emotions of a whispering heart and screaming confession. It's rare that we find a song that we can both dance and cry to but 'Sinistra' has managed to combine the two through this piece. The song tells the story of an unrequited love that won’t let up through themes of infatuation, hope, anguish and denial. The message that concludes the song is the awareness that danger and heartbreak await at the end of the road, but we choose to walk it anyway.

In terms of production value, this is a song that begins with the ultimate 80s synth pop vibes through the use of bass-infused key synths. As the vocal content adds to the piece this is only enhanced through a pop meets soul song. The harmonies are gorgeous in the way that the tones infuse the note of each other.

If you're a lover of old school 80s synth pop then this will make for a top placement on your playlists. 'Better' is a solid production that is full of funkiness and soul! - TAMARA JENNA


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