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Sophoro's 'Emerald Green': A Synth-Driven Wonder with Organic Texture and Endless Imagery

Sophoro have unleashed a new sound onto the world with ‘Emerald Green,’ a song that blends harmony, percussion and synthetic waves with masterful precision. The light that glows from the core of this synth track grabs you with an almighty fire. It’s a passion, not a burn. It rushes through you with great haste and alights in your mind only briefly, but that’s enough to catch a spark. The sound rushes through you as fast as it can, falling by the wayside only to let the vocals through the cracks. They climb to great heights in the chorus and never fall. The song is weightless, and it transfers that power to the listener with magical ease.

‘Emerald Green’ houses some of my favourite indie sounds I have heard to date. The verses are smooth; they wind melodies through narrow passages and come out glittering in the starlight. The choruses are choppy; they cut up the instrumental and create spellbinding vistas of sound. The result is a track with endless imagery and an impressive amount of depth. I am smitten — Sophoro’s ‘Emerald Green’ has me by the scruff and will be with me for a long old time. There is a presence here, an organic texture that is lost in most synth music. This song feels human, it has a soul. It is a wonder.



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