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#StephenFoster takes us around the globe in #SharingPeril



Stephen Foster

Sharing Peril

Santa Cruz, United States


Credit - Joe Rosa





#StephenFoster has released his album entitled #SharingPerils. This is an album that provides enticing songwriting and luscious guitar performances into an overall production that is reminiscent of a concept album. Combining contemporary rock with rustic folk, this album has something for nearly every guitar lover. Packed with harmonies through this 13-track project #StephenFoster knows exactly how to sing listeners into a true dream through his honest, emotional diary-like pieces. So, without further ado, let's go through this album track by track. Opening the show is #Chimes and as implied by the name, this track opens with the calming sounds of windchimes before transitioning into #DespuésdelaInundación which takes you into a beautiful combination of electric and acoustic guitar. This is a gorgeous opening song that will capture you with its free-flowing sultry ways. As the piece develops we hear the introduction of drums and choppy keys along with brass instrumentation to take the listener into a Spanish-inspired wonderland. #GeorgeBailey’sHoneymoon is another gorgeous piece that takes the listener into a relaxing indie rock production that is full of folk-inspired guitar strums and a steady drum beat, swaying backing vocals, and the beautifully soft tone of #StephenFoster's lead vocals. #ThePassingShadow provides listeners with a lullaby through guitar plucks that use both bass tones and higher pitched plucks before layering into something even more stunning. The lyrics hit hard in their slow and minimalistic way. Another gorgeous piece from #StephenFoster. #WeFinallyRest captured my attention on an even deeper level through the vocal execution. This track sounds EXACTLY like a lullaby and sings to the listener in a way that entices and moves anyone who will listen to it. #Sadie'sGift is another Mediterranean-inspired production. Full of throbbing guitar strums this piece reminds me of Greek Music with a hint of darkness behind its charming ways. This is a song that is absent of full vocal content but the simplicity of the vocals is haunting and effective. This is a must-hear piece for sure! #InTheSea opens with experimental synths before moving into folk/country twangs of acoustic guitar and luscious vocals. The lyrics in this track have a lot of feeling behind the lines. #DesolateCities opens in a different way compared to the previous pieces on this album. We're instantly given a gorgeous acapella harmony before developing into a steady soft rock production. #Olam takes the listener back into the Mediterranean once more and even further as it almost borders on Apachi in style. There are some gorgeous layers in this piece that open the land of guitar into several domains both acoustically and electrically. Just WOW. #TheLight takes listeners back into more typical US soft rock. This piece has all the tones of REM about it, and creates something that is timeless and classic! #Anyone,Anymore continues this theme before taking listeners into the penultimate song #SlumbertimeWaltz. This piece (as you can envision from its title) is another upbeat yet relaxing composition that will calm any listener. This is the perfect full piece to conclude this album with! Now, we find ourselves at the end of the album with #Chimes (outro) the perfect full cycle ending! #StephenFoster has produced an album that is perfect for everyone! 10/10.



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