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Fort Lauderdale, United States

Steve N Chris are back at it. Weaving hip-hop melodies through R&B textures to create robust tracks that move you to the core. Their latest album, ‘Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol 1 (REMIX),’ is a collection of sounds that spans the hip-hop ages. With classic 90s vibes through to modern-day clicks, Steve N Chris knows how to create smashing R&B no matter what time you’re from. This album in particular feels special, it feels homely. Less like a massive corporate fixer-upper and more like a mixtape that you find online, produced by some hidden talent that you discovered before anyone else. ‘Remix Kingz, Vol 1’ has that honesty in the production. You can tell that each song was made with a passion for music, not money. And that means the music can flow, and flow real slow.

Starting with ‘GOD DID,’ the album gets into the thick of it immediately. The keys in the backsplash against the floor, a rap vocal is there in the spotlight without a second's hesitation. It speaks lyrics that hurt, they’re emotional and sharp. They come out fast and eloquently. You hang on to every word as the soothing melody bleeds from beneath. Then the instrumental opens up, exploding with worldly sounds and glistening piano, the bass is growing at the bite. Then the beat hits; the rap drops into a flow and rhythm that is pure bliss. The world shifts around you. Goosebumps climb up your back as this epic hip-hop sound wraps its arms around you and takes you on a heavenly climb toward the chorus. That’s when the soulful singing voice makes its first appearance. It spins about the colours of the melody, dodging the massive percussion and choir in the back, it makes its own way. We follow it as it builds a flow all its own.

‘Pop Out,’ returns to a thicker, more straightforward form of hip-hop. Already in two tracks, Steve N Chris are showing us their range. ‘Pop Out’ hits with staccatos in the front. A winding synthetic sound rises in the back, a warbling bass that is cut out by the sheer impact of the vocals. Rapping now, warm and smooth, a vocal style that I can’t get enough of. It's confident and powerful and the messages in the lyrics are hopeful and speak the truth. There is little to no bragging, no boisterous claims. Further cementing the feeling that Steve N Chris are here for the music.

‘Super Hero,’ ‘Jimmy Cooks,’ the catchy as all heck, ‘Free Mind,’ ‘Gotta Move On,’ ‘Sex In the Porsche,’ and ‘Keeps On Fallin.’ All of the tracks I didn’t even get a moment to touch on. The truth is, the sound coming from Steve N Chris is so utterly profound and uplifting that they could sing nursery rhymes and I’d listen in. The duo work together in harmonic tandem and you can feel it in the music. It sways, it soothes, it catches you with rhythmic melodies and never lets you go. ‘Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol 1 (REMIX)’ is a hip-hop, R&B mixtape for lovers of the genre. It's true to its sound and it's true to its soul. From start to finish I was on my feet, smiling to the beat and laughing at the wit in the vocals. Golden. Hit after hit after hit.



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