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SV and Alyssa Jane Ignite the Music Scene with 'Kerosene'

Combining Neo-Soul and Alt-R&B, 'Kerosene' delivers smoky sonics enriched with live sax, bass, and guitar, marking a bold step in SV and Alyssa Jane's collaborative journey.

Emerging from New Hampshire's vibrant music scene, producer SV and multi-talented Alyssa Jane have unveiled their latest single, 'Kerosene.'

The track oozes a rich aroma of smoky vocals, laid-back beats, and live instrumentation, showcasing Alyssa Jane’s versatile vocal prowess and SV's masterful production. Drawing from a diverse palette that spans from 90s Hip Hop to contemporary Neo-Soul, 'Kerosene' offers a sound that's both fresh and deeply rooted in musical tradition.

Recorded at Jim’s Pool Room Records in St. Louis, Missouri, the track is just one element of the broader 'Neo Phily' project, which promises to challenge and expand the boundaries of genre. With a vinyl release already available for sale and a listening party scheduled at the record’s home studio, SV and Alyssa Jane are gearing up for a full-scale debut that aims to make a significant impact.

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'Kerosene' comes in with a solid boom-bap along with vocal chops, shortly to be joined by luscious basslines and a soulful jazz-infused rap vocal. This is a song that will absolutely blow you away with its funky hip-hop, soul and jazz influence. Think Jorja Smith mixed with Doja Cat and you have 'Kerosene'.

'Kerosene' will make a great addition to your relaxation playlists on a Sunday morning, it'll lift your mood and take you into a feel-good vibe the second the song begins. I could listen to this on repeat and probably will. It'll take you into an introspective realm full of feeling and presentness.

Reflecting on the creation of 'Kerosene,' SV notes, "This song is a vivid expression of modern soul and lyrical depth, designed to resonate deeply with listeners." Alyssa Jane adds, "It's about lighting up the dark corners of creativity and life—much like the flicker of a flame in the dark."

Fans of innovative R&B and soulful music are encouraged to dive into the experience of 'Kerosene' and join SV and Alyssa Jane as they explore new creative heights.

Genres: Alternative Indie, R&B, Contemporary R&B, Contemporary Soul, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Rap, Retro Soul, Soul, Nostalgic, US Rap

Mood: Reflective, Soulful, Innovative, Chill, Nostalgic

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