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Empty Pillow

Brighton, United Kingdom

Credit - Grimvalentine freelance

Tabi Kate has featured with us before but now she is back with her band to release their latest song entitled ‘Empty Pillow’. Taking elements of dream pop, heavenly vocals and catchy melodies, this track is one for lovers of ‘The 1975’ for sure.

Starting with a relaxing electronic feel, ‘Empty Pillow’ is a progressive piece which eases its way into its vocal content. Speaking of the vocals, the lyrics address the rawness of emotions associated with knowing how you want to feel, even if that is without somebody who was once important to you. Themes of self-love and understanding burst out of the warm arms of this piece to let listeners know that they need to search for what is right for them in a relationship.

The vocals are layered nicely to allow the space of the piece to be filled. The transitions are spot on and the guitar solo entices listeners.

Overall, this Tabi Kate and the team have created a solid track that electronic pop lovers will instantly vibe with.

Make sure that you hit the link below and give ‘Empty Pillow’ a spin or a few, what do you think?


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